6 Aesthetic Minecraft Desk Design Ideas

6 Aesthetic Minecraft Desk Design Ideas

Although sitting is not available in Minecraft, many talented Minecraft builders just went beyond the standard by designing everything from real life into the game.

And living rooms with a desk area are one of those inventions. With that being said, let’s take a look at our 6 best Minecraft desk design ideas for today!

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A desk in Minecraft can contain a working table, a chair, some bookshelves for wisdom, chests or barrels for storage purposes, and other decorations such as paintings and plants. In most cases, you will need some wood and a table (crafting table, enchanting table, or even a lectern with a book on it) to start building your desk area.

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Best Minecraft Desk Design Ideas

We use a white concrete room in those Minecraft desk design ideas below so you can recognize the blocks easier. Nevertheless, you can use them in most building themes and can even change the materials to other types to make the desk fit perfectly in your house.

1. Basic Desk

Materials: a Jungle Stair, Jungle Trapdoors, Jungle Signs, Barrels, a Lantern, a Lectern, a Flower Pot with Cactus, and a Painting.

The painting may seem out of place, but it helps you focus on studying in this desk design!

This idea is simple and you can freely switch the jungle wood to any other wood type you like. In fact, you can even change the cactus to other flowers of your choice.

To make a lectern, you can use 1 bookshelf and 4 wooden slabs. Overall, with enough materials, you can build this desk in under a minute!

2. Magical Desk

Materials: Bookshelves, Spruce Planks, Stairs, Barrels, Spruce Trapdoors, Amethyst Cluster, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Candles, a Chest, a Flower Pot with Ferns, Cauldron, and a Painting.

If you’re an old wizard who lives in a tall tower located in the middle of the forest, this idea can get you inspired.

With a lot of bookshelves surrounding the enchanting table and a lectern, you totally know this place is for a nerd. Besides that, a magical crystal on the top shelf with some decorations on the top makes the desk more lively than ever.

P/S: Don’t forget the painting!

3. Witchery Desk

Materials: Crimson Nylium, Dead Fire Coral, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Barrels, Brewing Stands, a Cauldron with Spruce Sign and Tripwire Hook, Spruce Trapdoors, a Chest, Spruce Leaves, and a Wither Skeleton Skull.

This desk design idea is quite suitable for witchery theme buildings since it has a lot of brewing decorations, plus a deadly wither skeleton skull right on top of the shelf.

All materials can be easily obtained in the Overworld, except for the brewing stands and the skull. To get one, you have to venture into the Nether, fight the blazes, and kill the wither skeletons for a rare wither skull.

In the end, your hard work totally pays off.

4. Overgrown Desk

Materials: Moss, an Azalea Tree, Jungle Stairs, Trapdoors, Signs, a Lectern with a Book, Small Dripleaves, Bookshelves, Spruce Trapdoors, a Chain, a Lantern, Flower Pots with Ferns, and a Spore Blossom.

The good old theme in the book is an overgrown desk with a lot of greenery.

Maybe you don’t need an entire azalea tree in your house, but the main concept about nature should stay the same! As long as you keep the moss, spore blossom, and some drip leaves around your desk.

This design works best when you live in lush caves or on top of a treehouse!

5. Deep Dark Desk

Materials: Jungle Stairs, Jungle Trapdoors, Mangrove Trapdoors, Bookshelves, Flower Pots with Mangrove Saplings, a Lectern, Birch Trapdoors, Sculk Blocks, Sculk Veins, and Sculk Shriekers.

Want to stay focused on your desk? Say no more with this deep dark desk design!

Imagine studying in the middle of an ancient city surrounded by sculks, you don’t want to make any noise since that will wake up the Wardens.

Nonetheless, you can harvest the sculk blocks and bring them over to decorate your actual living room. Then replace the white concrete with some gloomy dark blocks to create a chilling vibe for your desk area.

6. Modern Desk

Materials: Birch Stairs, Birch Signs, Birch Trapdoors, Looms, Bookshelves, Candles, Flower Pots with random Flowers, Lecterns with Books, a Dead Bush, and some Birch Leaves.

Finally, the modern office desk everyone is waiting for!

This desk design is simple, clean, and easy to build. With some birch blocks, you can create a fashional desk frame, plus a few bookshelves and other decorations like the flower pot and candles (or lanterns).

Moreover, a lectern with a loom on top looks like a computer screen. So if you’re building a city, this is definitely the desk design you don’t want to miss!

Those are our best 6 Minecraft desk design ideas!

Take your living room to a whole new level, gamers!

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