Ash Ketchum is finally the world's greatest Pokemon trainer!

Ash Ketchum is finally the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer!

The hottest episode of Pokemon Supreme Journeys: The Series which premiered in Japan observed Ash’s Pikachu defeat Leon’s Charizard to get the Pokemon Planet Coronation Series Masters Eight Tournament. In case you you should not try to remember Leon or have not played the modern Pokemon Sword and Shield online games (evaluate), Leon is the winner of those games, i.e., the Galar Location.

Pokemon Grasp – The Desire

The Pokemon Globe Coronation Series Masters 8 Tournament is a tourney that pits champions from throughout the world against each other, and various admirer favourites, this kind of as Cynthia, Iris, Steven and Lance showed up for the event. In beating Leon and profitable the tournament, Ash has correctly established himself as the strongest of all Pokemon League Champions the desire he set out from Pallet City to accomplish way again in 1997.

If you happen to be another person who has been following the Pokemon sequence considering that its inception in 1997, nicely in our scenario, the early 2000s, then you most unquestionably know how a lot of a major deal this is for Ash. Ash has traditionally had tricky operates in most of the preceding Leagues he’s participated in, and it was only in 2019 when he beat Gladion to turn into the Alolan Champion that he won his 1st ever League. That was effectively what bought him his ticket to the Master’s 8 tournaments as nicely.

Pokemon Masters Ash Ketchum

What’s following for Pokemon and Ash?

Ash may well have won it all for now, but with the new Pokemon video games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just all around the corner, Ash will certainly be obtaining a good deal additional adventures. With a large feather in his cap this time close to, it will unquestionably be exciting to see how individuals from the new location will respond to Ash. Speaking of which, Ash will have a entire new location to take a look at, the Paldea area, and all of its new and distinctive Pokemon to experience.

We’ve absolutely produced a good deal of exciting of Ash in the past for his questionable options in the sequence, but he is definitely proven himself this time all around. Now all we have to have to know is the secret to his everlasting youth.

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