Ash Ketchum’s recent victory was broadcast in Japan’s Shibuya Crossing


As you’ve no question heard, Ash Ketchum has recently accomplished a big victory in the Pokémon anime. Because the episode has but to air in English we will not be providing specifics on the victory right until just after the soar for men and women who desire to stay unspoiled. If you are great with spoilers or are aware of the information by now than read through on!

Ash a short while ago defeated Leon in the Master’s 8 tournament, earning him the title of Environment Champion, and Japan was prepared to celebrate! As you can see in the higher than tweet from the Pokémon anime’s PR account, footage of Ash’s victory was broadcast in Japan’s well-known Shibuya Crossing.

Here’s a tough translation of what the tweet has to say…
(Notice: “Satoshi” is Ash’s title in Japanese)

In Shibuya #アニポケ breaking information was flowing 🎊

The information that Satoshi became the earth champion will be broadcast on a big display screen in Shibuya, Tokyo 👀

Now I just cannot see you any more
It was a quite important minute ✨

Is there everyone who happened to see it in Shibuya?


As anyone who’s been on and off next the Pokémon anime from the beginning I cannot deny I obtained a very little teared up viewing Ash finally be topped a master. There is no telling the place the Pokémon anime will go from listed here, if Ash will continue his journeys or a new coach will turn out to be the protagonist.

No make a difference what transpires we will constantly have this unique instant the place Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town was the very greatest, like no one at any time was.