Bob: A thousand lives, It’s hard and sad news

Bob: A thousand lives, It’s hard and sad news

All those who like notably tough adventures, or if a movie video game has a thing extra to say, will recognize the entire world of Bob: A thousand life.


The tale of the sport focuses on a boy named Bob, who right after an incident finds himself in a mysterious and peculiar environment, and the situations he encounters here make him know that this is not the first time he has visited this place, where the previous, current and long term exist at the identical time . The activity expresses the boy’s cycle of life and death, and its ending gives a surprising perception into the principle of continuity.

A single of our main ambitions in managing Bob is to keep away from the consuming previous, which in the sort of a mist creature is seeking to reduce him from obtaining his target. It is now crystal clear from all this that Bob: A thousand life is a strongly tale-oriented work that tells about the cycle of existence with a depressing atmosphere, and it tops it all off with a very seriously difficult gameplay.

Those who embark on Bob’s adventures can be expecting the tricky and exactly executed gameplay characteristic of aged traditional platformers, so the facilitation characteristic of game titles of our time does not perform: there is no enable, steerage or any ideas, you have to explore the program alone and clear up the hurdles that roll in entrance of you.

The earth of the recreation is constant, but it is divided into sections by shut gates, and we can move via them only after reaching the appropriate range of keys. Finishing the story handles around 15 several hours of enjoying time, but thanks to the trouble stage, this can be for a longer time.


The visuals and colors of the sport are exceptional and fascinating. At times we just discover ourselves having so lost in the particulars that the activity is not progressing. The regulate is really basic, even with a controller or a keyboard/mouse mixture, you can get applied to it very immediately. Our development and makes an attempt are rewarded with achievements, so for example we get a trophy even if we have jumped somewhere additional than a thousand instances and of training course the trophy also will come following the thousand deaths (as the title of the sport suggests), which will be a very little more tricky to entire.

Bob: A thousand life is offered on Steam with a great value for revenue and constructive opinions. If you like heavy platformers and game titles with a severe tale, you need to look at it out.

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