Cookie Run: Kingdom - Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings

Cookie Run Kingdom has no lack of exceptional and intriguing cookies. When some of these are instead straightforward to seize, there are numerous other individuals that call for you to make a pact with the satan for much better luck.

Even with the Mala Sauce Cookie slipping in concerning, her battle prowess nonetheless tends to make her a worthwhile financial commitment. On the other hand, equipping her with the greatest establish doable isn’t a wander in the route possibly!

Hence, we will be hunting at the finest Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings now to be certain, you can make the best use of her as a powerhouse in your staff. With that stated, let’s jump appropriate in!

Who Is Mala Sauce Cookie?

Mala Sauce is an Epic Cookie introduced again in the Interdimensional Tremendous Mayhem Update along with the Twizzly Gummy Cookie.

Possessing a moderately darkish underneath dough, she has crimson hair tied into pigtails. Most of her hair is concealed under her viking-esque helmet, and her overall look is optimized to match a raging valkyrie.

The Mala Sauce cookie plays a significant supporting job in the Super Mayhem Occasion. She is the chieftain of the Mala Tribe and is as explosive as her appearance signifies.

Very best Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings

Inspite of guides suggesting if not, the core way to unlock Mala Cookie’s total prospective is by equipping her with the following toppings:

Searing Raspberry

This topping mainly increases the ATK harm of the Cookie it is outfitted on. It synergizes fairly nicely with the Mala Sauce cookie’s explosive capability and can amp her overall hurt up to be a menace.

Stat Distribution

Here’s how Searing Raspberry’s skill results do the job:

Machines Quantity Outcome
3 Toppings +3% boost in ATK
5 Toppings +5% maximize in ATK


Here’s how Searing Raspberry appears at distinct measurements:

Most effective Farming Location

You can not go incorrect with the Dark Environment 4. Regardless of it remaining restricted to 3 tries a day, the odds for acquiring Epic Searing Raspberries are fairly first rate.

In addition, you can generally use less costly stamina jellies in purchase to maximize your harvest!

Good Almond

This cookie topping improves the injury resistance of any cookie it is equipped to. Due to the fact the Mala Sauce Cookie possesses a bruiser-like playstyle, some kind of tankiness is constantly fantastic.

It not only assists you endure more time in fight but also offers you much more time to inflict your hurt. Pairing/switching this with the Searing Raspberry (in accordance to the predicament) is the way to go!

Stat Distribution

Here’s how Sound Almond’s skill results operate:

Tools Amount Influence
5 Toppings +5% improve in DMG Resist


Here’s how Stable Almond appears at distinct measurements:

Best Farming Location

The 8-29 stage is the present-day way to go for obtaining Stable Almonds. Test to farm the greatest ordinary entire world, and think in your luck.

Why Is Swift Chocolate Topping Lousy On Mala Sauce Cookie?

via Cookie Operate Kingdom

Bonuses linked to cooldown reduction are only practical on cookies with medium to very low cooldown figures.

A 5% reduction on a 15-sec capacity (Spicy Mala Strike) will only shave off .75 seconds, which would make tiny to no variance in comparison to a 5% raise in DMG.

Considering the fact that she specials 27.6% of her DMG as burn off (for each .5 seconds), she’s essentially implementing that bonus numerous situations above in a span of 15 seconds.

So, performing that math, it isn’t great to go Swift Chocolate topping on her!


All in all, Mala Sauce Cookie – irrespective of remaining hot and spicy – lacks in her in general harm output. This can be mitigated by employing the Searing Raspberry.

Consequently, you can also formulate her to be more of a bruiser using the Stable Almonds!