Dark and Darker Tier List – All Classes Ranked

Not guaranteed which course to choose? Our Dark and Darker tier list is below to assist you. In this guidebook, we rank all of the classes from S tier to D tier, letting you to waste no time in guessing which a single to use. What is extra, we’ll preserve it updated alongside new additions and stability patches. So, we recommend that you bookmark this web site and check out back again typically.

Dark and Darker is a hardcore fantasy RPG that sees you take a look at a dungeon in very first individual, together or with a good friend. Your objective is to plunder treasure and escape with your daily life, doing the job collectively to do so. There are a variety of unique classes to decide on from way too, with every of them supplying a diverse kind of assistance to the crew.

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Dark and Darker Tier Record

Final updated on December 17.

Tiers Stated

Ahead of we go onto the tier record though, we thought we’d speedily explain what our tiers indicate:

  • S Tier: These are the very best figures currently available in the game, and you should really surely intention to incorporate them to your social gathering. They need to also be the very first preference to degree up and obtain obtain to gear.
  • A Tier: These people are perfect for filling gaps in a bash – specially when you have not unlocked sufficient S tiers, or there aren’t plenty of S tiers to fill a occasion in the very first location. You must investigate these figures and see which just one will counter your party’s weakness.
  • B Tier: Figures in this tier can truly aid throughout the early phases of the recreation, when you haven’t unlocked a lot of characters, but they fade later on. Surely use them when you lack S and A people, but swap them out as a great deal as attainable.
  • C Tier: The only actual change among C and D tier is that C tier figures can sometimes have area of interest utilizes. They could be good in a bind, or be exceptionally impressive early on. A late-recreation get together shouldn’t have any even though.
  • D Tier: We do not propose working with these figures beneath any circumstance, except if you unquestionably have to due to the fact you have nothing else. They underperform at all phases of the sport.

Now, we’ll go through our real tier listing, together with an explanation of the tiers and some FAQs.

S Tier

The best figures in the activity. Increase any you accumulate to your party, and reroll for them.

A Tier

Great people in their possess correct that are great for filling gaps in your party.

B Tier

These people are excellent through the starting of the video game, but you are going to want to swap them out later on on.

C Tier

These can fulfil market roles, but are finally better off staying away from.

  • There are no C tier people just nevertheless.

D Tier

Skip these figures absolutely.

  • There are no D tier characters just yet.

Dark and Darker Tier Checklist FAQ

Now we’ll respond to a bunch of questions you could have about Darkish and Darker or tier lists in standard.

What Is A Tier Checklist?

A tier listing is a checklist of figures that you can unlock in a match – notably a gacha sport – requested from ideal to worst. We rank from S tier to D tier, with S being finest and D staying worst.

The goal of a tier listing is to enable you, the participant, determine who the finest people to use are. When you know who the ideal figures are, you can type a social gathering out of them and dismiss the many others.

How Did We Choose Our Airship Knights Tier Checklist?

We employed a mixture of the pursuing components when determining on our Darkish and Darker tier list:

  • Private expertise
  • Neighborhood feedback
  • Basic consensus from other tier lists

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that tier lists are subjective by mother nature. This is based on our encounter with the match, but yours may possibly range. So, we propose that you take this with a pinch of salt and play Darkish and Darker for yourself.

How Typically Do We Update Our Darkish and Darker Tier Record?

We update this tier record often to make sure that it constantly follows the newest meta. Usually, you can hope an update all-around the following happenings:

  • A new character releases
  • Equilibrium adjustments

There may be a modest hold off between the higher than two events as we’ll return to the recreation to check out the new character for ourselves, or to see how the equilibrium patches have influenced factors.