Darkworkers Character Profile: Galactic Federation Star Struggle

There is an eternal fight heading on among darkworkers and lightworkers. It is the age aged concept of good vs . evil and dark versus light-weight. The Galactic Federation are overseeing this star fight for victory on the facet of gentle and goodness. Nevertheless a race of beings from a warlike earth look for to upset the harmony and be masters at any price tag and are carrying out their finest to jam up and gradual down the process of intergalactic planets who desire to acquire independence.

Listed here is the character profile of this spiritually bankrupt and evil race.

1. A darkworker lives in a galaxy considerably away from Earth yet they can influence our planet with technology. They attain this with state-of-the-art technologies in the form of equipment and by psychic techniques like telepathy.

2. They are into manipulation and command of other races. They instill anxiety in other individuals by tormenting them with huge space automobiles that seem like battle cruisers. The cruisers are heavily armed with space weapons that have the ability to decimate overall planets. Warlike steps provides them pleasure.

3. Darkworkers enslave other worlds. From time to time they damage the world and usually they will get individuals who remain alive as slaves. Control and mistreatment are all a slave is entitled to when captured.

4. A potent character attribute of them is they are on a large electric power trip. A great deal of their intensely armed automobiles are just for show to instill terror on their victims. Numerous races from different planets have been recognized to surrender only by having them demonstrate up in their area battleships. This sort of is the standing of their cruelty and intense warrior military code.

5. Negative types of mind regulate and assumed transference are taught to them as component of faculty studies. Revenge and jealousy are feelings they try to really encourage in other people as they get a kick from the chaos it makes.

6. The selection one particular race, in their look at, can only be that of a darkworker. This implies that all other races should be range two or a lot less. In other words and phrases they are the master race and all some others have to be inferior. This distorted view is made use of to justify the mistreatment of other beings in all varieties of approaches.

7. They adhere to a rigid military services code that is pretty really hard to break totally free from. It is brain boggling the restraint they have in excess of their possess race. For example you are only allowed to reincarnate as a single of their own. If you make your mind up to betray them, to bounce ship so to speak, and to develop into a human incarnation they will get very upset with you and seek out you out and give your lifetime a tough time with telepathic thoughts inputs.

From our human place of perspective the persona profile of this warlike space race is practically nothing to be very pleased of still they on their own adore it. The Galactic Federation is none far too pleased about the progress created by this warlike race in latest a long time and are doing their most effective to halt them. They do this by recruiting darkworkers on their own and supplying them a probability at a new incarnation stream like currently being human for instance. I admire this sort of a huge move.