Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Coffee

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update is live with a lot of new items, cosmetics, quests, and places. This new update contains a new storyline for Pixar’s Toy Story characters along with a new Disney Character and a new event has been added to the game as well. The new characters are required to be unlocked first in order to start their questlines.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Woody

Woody is one of the new characters added in Disney Dreamlight Valley from Pixar Toy Story. Players will be able to complete Woody’s questline in the game by unlocking the character first by bringing him to the Dreamlight Valley. Unlocking Woody will require players to do the following things.

  • Unlock Toy Story Realm
  • Complete the quest “You’re My Favorite Deputy”

The new characters of Toy Story can only unlock if you get access to the Toy Story Realm. Toy Story Realm is on the first floor of the Dreamlight Castle. You will find the Realm next to the Frozen Realm. Toy Story Realm will require 7,000 Dreamlight. The players who have been playing the game for some time or Early Access will have sufficient Dreamlight and can get access to the Realm. However, the players who have recently purchased the game will have to do a little bit of grinding before they get to access Toy Story Realm.

Players can earn Dreamlight by completing the main quests of other characters in the Valley or by completing the Dreamlight Duties in the Quests tab of the main menu. Once players have the required amount of Dreamlight, they just need to go inside the Dream Castle and access the Toy Story Realm door to remove the Night Thorns from in front of the door. After that, players will get access to the Realm and a quest will start named “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space”. Completing this quest will unlock Buzz Lightyear for the players and if you want a detailed guide on how to Unlock Buzz Lightyear then you can check that as well.

Once players have unlocked Buzz Lightyear, a new main quest will be available in the Quests menu. The quest name will be “You’re My Favorite Deputy” in which players will be able to unlock Woody at the end of the quest. For the quest, players will have to go inside the Toy Story Realm again and go through the objectives of the quest, and eventually, Woody will give you his Carousel to be placed in the Valley. You can also check our detailed guide on “You’re My Favorite Deputy”.

Players will need to place Woody’s Carousel somewhere in the Valley and it will cost 10,000 Star Coins. Once players have placed the Carousel in the Valley, Woody will teleport to Dreamlight Valley and players will be able to welcome Woody by taking a Selfie with him. Once he is welcomed in the Valley, the quest will end and Woody will officially unlock for the players, and players will be able to Level up Friendship with him and complete his questline.

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