God of War Ragnarok Jarnsmida Pit Mines - How to Return

God of War Ragnarok Jarnsmida Pit Mines

You’ve most most likely previously explored the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok in the course of The Quest for Tyr. However, due to your development in the story, you didn’t get to fully examine and loot the mine. Which is due to the fact sure areas in the mines are blocked off until finally you appear back again at a higher amount, following far more of the major tale has been completed. If you are at this point and are obtaining a difficult time returning to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines, this guidebook will notify you how to retrace your actions.

Note that this guidebook includes partial spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

How to Return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok

How to Return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok

To return to the Jarnsmida Pit Mines in God of War Ragnarok, you will want to have the spear unlocked. So, make guaranteed you have it with you and start out at the Mystic Gateway, Aurvangar Wetlands. From there, choose the boat across from this island to the Sverd Sands. On this island is the elevator that you initially took to exit the minds with Tyr, just take it back down. As soon as the elevator has arrived at the base, you will want to stick to the winding path to the correct all the way down.

Continue to keep this course, and really do not stray, all the way to the rock wall. Here you will require to use your spear to launch by yourself up previous the rock wall. Now wander out of the tunnel and to the remaining will be a cluster of glowing rocks blocking your path. Throw your spear at them and push the action button to blow the rocks up and open the route. Continue on and swing throughout the gap to the opening at the best on the other aspect. Run all the way down this tunnel and you are going to be back again to where by you freed Tyr. A boss will spawn for your return pay a visit to, and you are going to have to set your weapons to get the job done.

At the time you’ve defeated the manager, glimpse about the space for a concealed tunnel. It is tiny, and you’ll have to crouch to go by. Come out to the other aspect and open the doors. Instantly head to the correct and scale across the wall, then out to the open up mine location with waterfalls. Swing across the waterfall to your remaining and run all over the spiral platform. About 75% about it you can fall down to another system, and at the finish of this system will be additional glowing rocks you need to have to blow up with your spear.

At the time you have blown them up, leap across and crouch via. Take a left and swing across the blue glowing water. Go up the ledge and as a result of the initially doorway to your remaining. Now, throw your spear on the rocks to the still left and use it to leap throughout to the increased platform. Straight in advance you will see a Mystic Gateway and a major iron-barred doorway that you just have to interact with to carry and enter the Jarnsmida Pit Mines.

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