How to Beat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok


God of War Ragnarok attributes a broad array of bosses, all sure to get your blood pumping and supply a correct obstacle. With that explained, among the all the bosses, a single of the most tough is Nidhogg, which surprises players a couple of minutes just after the Fiske fight. But how can you defeat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok?

How to Defeat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok

Very first Period – Bing on the Chaos

Right before we commence, we extremely propose that you make use of the Cursed Empress Handles for the duration of the combat, as the handles will enable you to generally boost your all round harm through its passive. The equipment can be acquired by defeating The Hateful on the tower in Svartalfheim. In buy to obtain the boss and get the handles a lot quicker, do not forget to check out all the Draugr Gap locations in God of War Ragnarök.

With that mentioned, at the time the Nidhogg fight commences, switch from the Leviathan Axe to the Blades of Chaos, as they will be equipped to deal quicker ounces of hurt. In the course of the initially period, concentration on attacking it as a great deal as possible, as, in this phase, the boss will only execute three sorts of assaults, just one horizontal AoE, two vertical Bifrost sweeps (which can be averted by dashing remaining or suitable), and a guard-breaking chunk.

To promptly finish the very first stage, concentrate on parrying the bite and test to keep at mid-range, utilizing the blades for effective quantities of harm.

Next Section – It is Time to Parry

When the initially 2 overall health bars of the boss are depleted, they will be compelled out of the portal and become way extra aggressive by building consistent use of their Bifrost sweeps. To counter that, target on dealing fast ounces of problems and on parrying his attacks. when also keeping notify in get to parry its bite and protect bash its tail as soon as the manager stabs the ground.

The latter of which will be the only way to stun the enemy and really make the boss vulnerable to significant quantities of reduced-risk problems at this stage of the fight.

Third Period – Stand Your Ground

Through its 3rd section, Nidhogg will crawl up a tree and target on working significant harm with his Bifrost assaults. With that explained, you can conveniently stay away from them by blocking the horizontal bean, dodge-rolling correct or still left to escape the vertical line, and rolling in any path to escape the unblockable crystals the boss will summon.

The moment all over again, put the axe aside and consider on the blades, as their rapid assault velocity will make it possible for you to score hits between the bosses’ attacks. Once it experienced enough injury it will both improve trees or head to the center of the spot. Often, Freya will also be capable to support you in getting the creature down, as she will apply charms to the trunks. The incantations will, when strike by both the blades (ideal) or the axe (left), allow her to complete a combo and stun the manager momentarily, all whilst also sending it to the ground.

Now comes the crucial part of the battle and the a person several folks obtain the most troublesome. As the Nidhogg will sometimes complete a enormous assault, where by the boss will these out the debris and then mail them again to you. In order to keep away from that, you just need to block or dodge relying on the assault form. So do not stress and remain on your guard. Soon after escaping or withstanding the attack, head back again to the manager and hit it as significantly as you can for most hurt.

To make the endeavor a lot easier, at the time the enemy commences the buildup for the attack, go even more away in buy to get the timing of it far better. The boss will also carry on to be open for guard-breaking defend assaults throughout the 3rd phase so constantly be prepared to execute them.

When you get the cling of it, just rinse and repeat right up until the fourth and final phase of the fight is activated.

Ultimate Section – Now for the Grand Finale

In the fourth section, all you require to do is to wait for the creature to suck up the particles. At the time that transpires, cost the axe and hold out for Freya to solid her spell. To defeat the manager, you just have to have to throw the Axe at the incantation.

You can currently participate in God of War Ragnarok exclusively on each PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

– This posting was current on November 11th, 2022