Indie Retro News: Chaos Arena

Indie Retro News: Chaos Arena

Very last Moment Creations is absolutely no stranger to Indie Retro News, developing exceptional video games these as GermZ and Atarenium Falcon. Properly below we are with one more Amiga news story for our high-quality viewers, as the identical developer has contacted us to let you know of a new sport they’ve unveiled identified as ‘Chaos Arena’. A new multiplayer recreation in which enjoying as any amount of warriors on the monitor will have to press every single other off the Arena to be the last Warrior standing. In light-weight of this news, Saberman has also accomplished a gameplay online video for you to check out.

If that was not sufficient to pull you in to enjoy the match, here is what the creator(s) explained about Chaos Arena. “Welcome to Chaos Arena! Pit on your own versus seasoned warriors in the most frantic duel to day! Each individual warrior looks the exact, so your first obstacle is to figure out who’s who. The only way to defeat other folks is to push them out of arena with your assaults, but beware – your fierceful strikes may perhaps also drive you into abyss. Also, the arena constantly crumbles, so no hiding around! The final guy standing wins.”

Activity features:

  • Chaotic and fierceful duel concerning 12 warriors
  • Simultaneous 6-player as opposed to manner
  • 3 chaotic arenas
  • You have shed also early? Strike remaining gamers with thunders!


  • Amiga 500 with 512KB of CHIP memory, 512KB of other memory and KS1.3. On more recent kickstarts or when jogging from OS, you may perhaps require further CHIP memory dependent on its fragmentation.

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