Indie Retro News: Kitsune Zero

Indie Retro News: Kitsune Zero

If you want to participate in a new platformer that not only seems charming, but has loads of enemies and difficulties to be experienced, then as of this moment you can engage in the latest release of ‘Kitsune Zero’ by Kitsune Video games. A charming arcade platformer that is just not just a nod to common retro online games such as Tremendous Mario Bros, but in the course of the match you may be running, jumping, and stomping on ghostlike creatures from Japanese folklore. To coincide with this information there is a new video clip to look at down below as a trailer to the recreation which is offered on Itch io and Steam for Linux, Mac or Windows.

In this article is what the web site describes about this pretty seeking game known as Kitsune Zero. “Operate, leap, and stomp on ghostlike creatures from Japanese folklore lurking in the countryside and castles. Accumulate powerups that make Yumi expand in size, grant fireball skills, and make her invincible for a shorter time. Obtain the vital substances to crack the pact’s magic and just take down the chief of the samurai clan to conclusion the war”.

“Defeat a sinister samurai gang to quit the clan’s war of conquest. Listen to the cries of the nearby onmyouji, a wizardly bureaucrat assigned to retain the peace, and end the magical pact the samurai have with vengeful spirits. Only Yumi can break the alliance and restore peace… and probably get to go on a date for her difficulties. Collect the important elements to prevent the darkish pact’s magic and the chief of the samurai clan when and for all. But beware, you may need to help you save a damsel, err, a dashing gentleman in distress!”


  • Play as a adorable fox lady
  • Working experience new graphics, and a new story with voice acting
  • Discover 20 four new bonus degrees featuring manufacturer new enemies
  • Problem you with the optional difficult manner
  • Help you save your development and resume enjoying from any stage you’ve earlier attained
  • Appreciate new and remastered songs
  • Confirmed 100% cost-free from American electoral politics
  • Totally backwards suitable with Super Bernie Entire world any speedruns

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