Monster Galaxy – How To Struggle Friends and Evolve Your Mogas

Evolution Way #1

1. Glimpse In The Mogadex for Mogas that are labeled ‘Evolve’.

2. Seize these specific Mogas.

3. Capture ample Mogas from the wild and acquire adequate Evolution Mogas from your mates needed for the particular Evolution that you want.

4. As soon as you have sufficient Mogas and adequate potions, click on your Mogadex all over again.

5. Simply click on the ‘Evolve” button and your Mogas will evolve into an even more highly effective Moga!

Thanks For Studying!

Evolution Way #2

Phase 1: Go to the Group monitor and pick a Moga that can evolve.

Move 2: Click the “Present Evolution” button, then choose which Mogas to use.

Move 3: Click on “Evolve Now” to combine your Mogas into a new evolution.

Step 4: You can need to have Evolution Potions to full your evolution. You can get them as presents from your close friends.

Phase 5: Watch Your Moga evolve into a bigger significantly extra impressive Moga!

Fantastic Luck!

The Builders of Monster Galaxy release about 3 various mogas each individual 7 days. Verify to see which Mogas are desired to evolve and seize quite a few of them just before the evolving mogas are produced!

PvP Battling Your Monster Galaxy Friends

This is no regular combat… this is a TAMER DUEL. You pick out your Mogas, decide on a buddy, and have at it!

To get started fighting with your buddies, head Household very first. Issue your mouse about the pal you want to battle, and click on “Combat.” Be ready for instantaneous action, for the reason that there will be no turning again.

PvP is as real as it receives. You cannot operate, and you are unable to get in touch with for help… so you had greater teach Hard and carry your ideal Mogas. As the aged Moga Tamer knowledge goes, “You will not provide Goatsabee to a Valgore battle”

Nicely what did you assume to happen? There is almost nothing completely wrong with remaining bested by the finest. Your friend gained that victory, and he deserves to be congratulated. If you might be likely carry on with all this obstacle and preventing, you would greater appear prepared.

You get paid DOUBLE XP for preventing your pals! Confirm you are the greatest, and get greater in the procedure – it really is the best new way to delight in Monster Galaxy.

Be guaranteed to tell your pals how terrific you are. Practically nothing would make the shame of defeat sting pretty as a great deal as general public humiliation. They are heading to will need the cost-free HP potion, and you might be likely to need to have to gloat.

Thanks for reading this write-up, I hope it helped you turn out to be a greater player in Monster Galaxy!!!

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