New Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Shows Your Home Base & Its Many Features

New Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Shows Your Home Base & Its Many Features


The floating fortress Somniel lets you interact with friends and prepare for battle in Fire Emblem Engage.

Today Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released a new trailer and details about the upcoming Fire Emblem tactical JRPG Fire Emblem Engage.

This time we take a look at the floating fortress named Somniel, which will serve as your base of operations in the game.

You can explore the fortress freely including the plaza that lets you access the armory and the item shop that lets you prepare for combat by acquiring gear and items.

The Ring Chamber hosts the Emblem Rings that you have collected, letting you communicate with the spirits within the rings and inherit skills from them as your bonds with them deepen. You can also create and meld Bond Rings that provide boosts to a character’s stats. You can even polish the Emblem Rings that lets you improve your bond with the corresponding hero further.

The Arena lets you enjoy practice battles for experience and the Tower of Trials prompts you to fight special battles and trials that provide in-game rewards. You can also create your own battle maps and share them with other players.

Of course, the Somniel also lets you meet your allies and enjoy quality time with them. You can enjoy meals with them at Cafe Terrace and give them gifts.

There are more activities like fishing, animal husbandry, and taking care of Somnie, the fortress’ mascot.

The Boutique lets you purchase clothes and accessories for your characters, while the Training Yards has you work out to temporarily boost your stats.

There’s even a fortune teller, a wyvern-riding minigame, and the amiibo gazebo where you can tap compatible amiibo figures to receive items like costumes and music from previous games of the series.

Lastly, there’s your own room where you can rest. Your friends may just happen to come and give you a wake-up call.

You can check out the trailer below.

Fire Emblem Engage will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Jan. 20, 2023.

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