Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko announced alongside plenty of information on the Season One Battle Pass

Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko announced alongside plenty of information on the Season One Battle Pass

Another hero has been announced for Overwatch 2 and Blizzard has provided more information on the game’s Season One Battle Pass.

The new hero, Kiriko, will arrive alongside the game at release. As the newest Support hero, the character can teleport through walls to protect teammates using a healing ofuda. Kiriko can also dash towards enemies to take them out with a kunai.

When it comes to the Season One Battle Pass, Blizzard said it will be “delivering more in one drop” than it has delivered since the original game relesed in 2016. This includes three new heroes, which will all be available immediately to returning Overwatch players who log in during Season One or Season Two.

Overwatch 2 will features a new, Seasonal Model which means new content will arrive every nine weeks. Each season will feature new experiences and ways to play and will typically bring a new hero or a new map – alternating each season.

Each season will have a new Battle Pass, and each will have its own unique theme, up to 80+ unlockable tiers of cosmetics, and at the start of each season any hero balance changes will be made.

Loot Boxes, as you know, are going away with Overwatch 2. But you will be able to acquire through the in-game shop whatever you like using virtual currency called Overwatch Coins. The shop will contain cosmetic items every week for all players, and in Season One, many will follow a cyberpunk theme. Future seasons will feature in-shop items with different themes.

The shop will also feature a ‘Just for You’ section with personalized offers based on what you prefer to play and equip in-game, as well as rotating bundles. In our first few seasons, this section will feature rotating bundles of items from the original Overwatch.

The Battle Pass is free for everyone, and you can choose to upgrade to the premium Battle Pass in the shop to unlock premium rewards. There will also be a free track.

Should a season feature a new hero, they will be earnable through the free Battle Pass track at Tier 55. They’ll unlock immediately on the premium Battle Pass track. New heroes can also be purchased via the in-game shop.

In Season One, everyone who logs in to play will receive Junker Queen and Sojourn automatically. Those who own the original Overwatch will also receive Kiriko through their Founder’s Pack, which needs to be redeemed by logging in before the end of Season Two.

Unlockable free rewards in the Battle Pass are offered in 20 tiers spread throughout the 80+ total tiers. This includes Epic Skims, a Weapon Charm, Souvenirs, a Highlight Intro, emotes, victory poses, name cards, sprays, player icons, and more.

The Premium Battle Pass Track will feature 60 additional (for a total of 80) tiers to unlock, including the Mythic-tier skin and other premium cosmetic items. If the season features a new hero, purchasing the Premium Battle Pass will also grant instant access to that hero in addition to a season-long Battle Pass experience boost and additional cosmetic rewards.

Season One’s Premium Track provides instant access to Kiriko for new players, and contains over 60 cosmetics to unlock, including five all-new Legendary skins, one Epic skin, and the all-new Cyber Demon Genji Mythic skin. Mythic Skins are an entirely new tier of skins, and this for Genji in particular feature layers you can mix and match.

The Premium Battle Pass will cost 1000 Overwatch Coins, which is the equivalent of $10, and the cooins can be purchased directly or earned by completing weekly challenges.

As far as progressing through the Battle Pass, you do it by just playing the game as well as through completing daily and weekly challenges. Those who complete the season’s Battle Pass can continue to progress through Prestige tiers.

In addition to the five already announced new maps, Season One will also introduce a new push map set in Portugal, Esperanca. All maps are available to everyone, and, moving forward, a new map will generally be introduced every alternate season. Past limited-time game modes and new ones will be made available, and in Season One you can expect the Wrath of the Bride Junkenstein event.

For more informatio on the Battle Pass, hit up the FAQ.

As far as the future of the game is concerned, Blizzard already has new core game modes and a set of new maps in development, and one of the new modes will launch later in 2023. PvE is also comning ib 2023.

Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play when it releases October 4, and will feature cross-platform play with cross-progression.

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