PlayStation 5 console upgraded to model CFI-1200

PlayStation 5 console upgraded to model CFI-1200

Austin Evans, a well-recognised tech YouTuber obtained a new CFI-1200 product of the PlayStation 5 and investigated it. This individual design was quietly launched in Australia at the close of August 2022.

Evans also obtained the then-new design CFI-1100 past 12 months and brought about some controversy when he claimed that the scaled-down heatsink of that distinct product could result in a worse console and trigger it to lose efficiency. This principle was afterwards debunked by Digital Foundry and according to them, the lesser heatsink would final result in neither a greater nor worse console when compared to the launch product.

It is well worth noting that Austin Evans is now boasting that the new CFI-1200 design of the PlayStation 5 console is a lot improved because of to various variations created to its internal components.

Evans states that the new PlayStation 5 manner has a wholly unique motherboard which is a ton more compact compared to the earlier versions.

In accordance to him, the CFI-1200 model has a smaller sized heatsink in comparison to CFI-1100, nonetheless, it options a warmth pipe that goes through to the opposite facet of the console. Evans also noted that the SSD enclosure now options a greater protect.

The new heatsink and the motherboard combined weigh .2kg considerably less compared to the prior product, nonetheless, owing to the added help for the console’s black plastic mildew, the fat of the whole console has slightly enhanced in contrast to its predecessor.

Austin also claims that the CFI-1200 product is extra economical in terms of electrical power intake and immediately after some screening, it was concluded that the new product only pulls all-around 201 watts.

Evans also pointed out that quite a few parts have been moved about, including the CMOS battery which is now concealed behind the heatsink.

He claims that this is a draw back as you would have to have to entirely disassemble your PS5 in get to replace it.

Overall, this is the next time that Sony has revised its hardware to make the PlayStation 5 a little bit lighter. The first time was in July 2021 when they launched the CFI-1100 sequence which was lighter than the launch variation.