PUBG devs are making a game based on Korean fantasy epic The Bird That Drinks Tears

PUBG devs are making a game based on Korean fantasy epic The Bird That Drinks Tears

Krafton, Korean publishers PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, have released a “visual concept trailer” for a new sport centered on Korean epic fantasy novels The Fowl That Drinks Tears. They are even now describing the game as “unannounced”, but say that the trailer illustrates the “mystical tone” they are aiming for. &#13

Here’s the trailer, which is quite gory:&#13

Krafton say that they have been functioning with idea artist Iain McCaig to outline the aesthetic for the globe, which Krafton say they’re also organizing on creating into a graphic novel and a motion picture. McCaig has formerly labored on the two Star Wars (where by he made Darth Maul) and quite a few other Hollywood blockbusters.&#13

The Fowl That Drinks Tears is a 4 quantity fantasy collection prepared by Lee Yeongdo, which draws inspiration from Korean mythology. I don’t know much far more than that, but I am absolutely onboard with any fantasy fiction that would not attract purely from Western tropes. All the more so if it will involve oddly buff hen-adult men, as appear to characteristic in McCaig’s artwork on Krafton’s web page for the venture.&#13

Krafton introduced they had been establishing a video game based on the novels with back in August, and that they ended up recruiting builders to operate on the job beneath the name Team Windless. Releasing this concept trailer is almost certainly an attempt to draw much more talent to the studio, and who appreciates when or if there will be anything extra concrete to see. The Korean publisher do have numerous other assignments currently in the performs, such as publishing Lifeless Spacelike The Callisto Protocol and a switch-dependent area pirates sport from the makers of Subnautica.