Repairing Your PlayStation 3 (PS3 YLOD Repair)

The Playstation 3 (a.k.a. PS3) is just one of the most strong and preferred gaming consoles out on the market correct now. Unfortunately, the fame won’t occur without a number of flaws. The PS3 was made to be slick and attractive, but it would seem that the similar type of awareness to engineering was not given to the Playstation 3’s cooling abilities. A single of the most notable issues with modern gaming consoles this sort of as the Playstation 3 is the incapacity to retain itself interesting. When overheated, the Playstation 3 will no for a longer time transform on. Signs or symptoms of this problem consist of the method “beeping” 3 moments and a yellow flashing gentle around the on button. This PS3 challenge is highly cited as the “Yellow Mild of Demise” or YLOD. Let’s see what we can do to revive this costly paper pounds back again to daily life in particular if your guarantee no more time applies.

Very good news, a PS3 correct does exist! As a subject of simple fact, there is a take care of for practically each individual trouble your Playstation may well come upon in the future. In this posting we will look specially at PS3 YLOD issue that intensely plagues to start with through third technology Playstation 3s (also regarded as Excess fat PS3 designs).

Why Does the PS3 YLOD Transpire?

One particular key reason (99% of the time) why your Playstaion 3 would practical experience a YLOD is if it experienced overheated. Overheating a PS3 would lead to solder balls under the devices CPU and GPU to turn into brittle and crack. This is due to a style flaw in the Playstation 3 because the console is not able to take out the heat that it is creating.

Do It On your own: PS3 YLOD Repair

Resources Expected-
1x Playstation 3 with YLOD
1x 1500W industrial heatgun
1x Bottle of no-clean up flux
1x Roll of masking tape
1x Tamper-proof T-screw driver
1x Phillips screwdriver
1x Heat resistant surface area
1x Pack of cotton balls
1x Bottle of Acetone and Rubbing Alcohol
1x Tube of thermal paste

Summary of Steps-

1) Shut down your Playstation 3 and make guaranteed all electricity cables are unplugged (Basic safety to start with!).

2) Remove the warranty seal located higher than the tough drive disk bay. Then use the tamper-evidence T screwdriver eliminate the screw that holds the best go over to the PS3.

3) Making use of your Philips screwdriver eliminate all the screws securing the major shell of the PS3.

4) Very carefully disassemble the removable sections (Electric power offer, Blue-ray travel, Blue tooth board with wireless antenna, capacitance electrical power switch, and the HDD).]

5) Clear away the screws securing the PS3’s motherboard. Get rid of the enthusiast and heat sink and heat sink shroud attached to the motherboard.

6) Using the cotton balls soaked with acetone, thoroughly clean the thermal paste from CPU and heat sink surfaces.

7) Tape motherboard down on a warmth resistant floor so that it sits flat (participate in all over with a corner of the area to locate a good position for the motherboard). Taping the PS3’s motherboard down will avert it from warping below the heat from the heatgun.

8) Applying the heat gun’s small placing, warm up the full motherboard (~3 minutes). Then utilize the no-clear flux beneath the CPU and GPU liberally.

9) Use the heat gun’s substantial location heat the CPU and GPU up. Keep the warmth gun about 1-2″ absent from the surface of the PS3 motherboard, but move the warmth gun close to the chips consistently to stay away from melt away damage (persist for ~8-10 minutes).

10) Let the motherboard to interesting down for 20-30 minutes.

11) Reassemble the Playstation 3 to it is really unique ailment (watchful to change each screw and plug to its rightful position).

12) Plug the electric power wire back in and change on the PS3.

If performed the right way, your Playstation 3 YLOD trouble should be long gone. This PS3 deal with need to choose 1 to 2 hours dependent on your skill with electronics. If you require an even a lot more thorough, stage-by-stage repair walkthrough with shots and almost everything you should seem in the direction of the bottom of the short article for a fantastic information that I use as properly.


– Make guaranteed your Playstation 3 is in a posture the place it is well ventilated.
– Test not to go away your PS3 on for extensive durations of time (even idle).
– Do not set the Playstation near resources of dust (i.e carpets, floors, beds, and so forth)