Save Room Review – Stranger, Stranger

Save Room Review – Stranger, Stranger

Save Room is one of the most satisfying games I have ever played. It’s fairly short, but the $3 price point makes that a total non-issue. Fitting things into your inventory feels incredible, as Fractal Projects has taken the smallest but most relaxing part of Resident Evil 4 and made it a delightful bite-sized game.

Save Room
Developer: Fractal Projects
Price: $5
Platform: PS5 (reviewed), PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC
MonsterVine was provided with a PS5 code for review

When I first played Resident Evil 4, I spent a surprising amount of time fitting things into my growing attache case throughout the game. Like many, I’m sure that at some point, I thought, “a whole game of this would actually be pretty fun.” Turns out we were right, as Save Room has proven the seemingly endless potential for mind-soothing fun that comes with partaking in a grid-based inventory puzzler.

There are 40 levels in Save Room, which will likely last you anywhere from 2-4 hours. Completing a stage brings you to the next, though you can go back and replay any level you choose to. The trophies/achievements are also very straightforward and easy to accomplish, if you’re into that sort of thing. This sort of length is no issue, given the very attractive price point, which makes it hard to say no to a fun one-and-done title.

Things get a bit more complex when levels begin to factor in health and empty guns, meaning you have to strategically use healing items and reload guns/combine ammo packs to fit everything into the case. The progression in difficulty is quite gradual and fair, as it felt like the game was always becoming more intricate without being overwhelming or annoying.

It’s very ‘legally not Resident Evil,’ but still very blatantly Resident Evil, which I appreciate.

The aesthetic is completely in line with Resident Evil. The music is solemn but strangely comforting; the aesthetic is just the slightest bit grimy, with a darker theme permeating the visuals. It’s very “legally not Resident Evil,” but still very blatantly Resident Evil, which I appreciate.

I genuinely have no real complaints about Save Room. Rotating items and jumping between cases is easy, and the puzzles are just challenging enough to be consistently enjoyable for the entirety of a playthrough. It’s a perfect game for a portable console like the Switch or Steam Deck, but just as good on any home console.

The Final Word
Save Room is a straightforward, compact, and delightfully satisfying game that will make anyone who played Resident Evil 4 especially happy. Given the price and bite-sized nature of the title, there’s no one I wouldn’t recommend Save Room to, as it’s a delightfully compact experience all around.

MonsterVine Rating: 5 out of 5 – Excellent

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