Sentinels Zombs Explains Why He Retired

Sentinels Zombs Explains Why He Retired

One of the first team members of Sentinels’ Valorant squad Jared “zombs” Gitlin revealed on a recent livestream that he would not be returning to pro play. Sentinels failed to make it to Valorant Champions 2022 but the organization continued to be in the limelight during the off-season. Zombs was benched in April 2022 and announced that it had roped in Eric “Kanpeki” Xu. The organization soon fully revamped its Valorant roster and signed reigning world champions Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi and Bryan “pANcada” Luna from the Brazilian team LOUD on 15th October.

It’s not worth it for me anymore,” says zombs

Zombs, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan, and Michael “dapr” Gulino were let go of Sentinels after initially being placed on the inactive roster of the Valorant team. In a recent stream, zombs was wondering if he was a “washed up” player or if something else was going wrong with the game as his match history was a red carpet of losses. Immediately, he answered his question and said, “No, because I was scrimming and I’m like owning everyone actually. It’s got to be ranked. Bro, when I like scrim, I’m actually sh**** on everyone. I’m not even kidding.

However, he added that he was not scrimming anymore and talked about a potential team he had formed. He disclosed, “No, I’m not scrimming anymore. I was scrimming for like a week. The team I was making had some potential and we had some potential organizations interested. But then I went to LA [Los Angeles], I talked to the SEN [Sentinels] owner a little bit and now I never want to leave SEN.

Zombs recalled that he has been on Sentinels since the organization’s inception. He added, “I am staying on SEN forever because I have a good relationship with them. I have been on SEN since the beginning since they had like zero followers.

While a viewer asked if he would get back into playing Valorant professionally, zombs replied, “Nah, I am not going to compete again, bro. It’s not worth it for me anymore. I have opportunities that are better for the future and stuff, that are better in every aspect than competing, I think.

Following this, the former pro player talked about what it actually is to compete professionally and addressed the difficulties of having five players of a team on the same page with proper communication. Fielding a championship-winning team is extremely difficult, opined zombs and added that it is not worth spending years of your life if it is not your dream  “Esports is like a wild west, bro,” he declared.

Zombs has been a part of Sentinels since 2019 and was a crucial player on the roster that dominated the North American Valorant scene. He also lifted the trophy with his teammates at the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavík. Though it has not been confirmed officially, it is very likely that zombs will join the content creators of Sentinels alongside Tarik “tarik” Celik, Brandon “Aceu” Winn, and Jay “sinatraa” Won.

Notably, zombs found himself in the limelight of the community in September when on stream back and forth since the initial claims made by zombs.