Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review - Jim Henson's Star Trek

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review – Jim Henson’s Star Trek

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a considerably harmless but really pleasurable action RPG that attributes a sturdy strategy, fantastic movement, and various but enjoyable battle. It’s a bit odd to glimpse at and can be a tad repetitive, but neither of those people challenges really should give you way too substantially pause, presented the strong top quality of the overall bundle.

Star Ocean: The Divine Power
Developer: tri-Ace and Sq. Enix
Selling price: $60
System: PS5 (reviewed), PS4, Xbox A single, Xbox Series X/S, and Pc
MonsterVine was supplied with a PS5 code for evaluation

My experience with Star Ocean is relatively limited, so I did not know just what I’d be obtaining into when I started Star Ocean: The Divine Force. I’m rather delighted with it, as it does loads of matters proper and has some terrific concepts, even if there are some downsides listed here and there.

The very first factor that really grabbed me in The Divine Force was the movement. How pleasurable it is to operate all over in a 40-hour activity can make or crack the knowledge, but this title nails it out of the park. Using your DUMA orb (which is essentially a tiny AI-powered ball), you can briefly shoot you in any path, putting you into a fast and very adaptable glide. From there, you can float down gradually, permitting you to attain new parts or just zip all-around with minimal restriction. Crossing maps in no way felt as well cumbersome many thanks to DUMA, and I hope other more open up-environment JRPGs consider take note and incorporate this sort of large-flying movement solutions in the foreseeable future.

The narrative is framed as a juxtaposition of medieval RPGs and sci-fi. It’s a pretty enjoyable thought, as it is as even though a Star Trek character bought stranded in Dragon Quest. The lifestyle clash and ensuing camaraderie that grows as a end result of these two unique tones can be extremely enjoyable, as you get to see two very various cultures occur to fully grasp and appreciate 1 a further earnestly. This kind of a small detail generates an pretty much wholesome sense of levity as the unique characters come alongside one another regardless of their dissimilarities.

I’m fond of the key party, specifically, as they all serve their very own roles (the two in fight and in the narrative) without experience also cliché. Raymond is a pushed and self-confident major gentleman that strays absent from many of the regular traits of a JRPG protagonist in a instead refreshing way, which is critical because you are adhering to him and Laeticia instead carefully. Because you can decide on who to enjoy at the commencing, with the tale presenting diverse angles relying on your alternative, there is even ample motive to perform all over again if The Divine Power truly grabs you.

Fight is extremely intriguing, as it feels like a mix amongst Xenoblade and Kingdom Hearts. You are making use of many attacks and combos in a seamless way that nearly feels Kingdom Hearts-esque, beyond the AP bar that once in a while restricts your attacks if used way too rapidly in succession. Each individual character has their possess fighting type and assaults, and you can freely change among them, so it’s straightforward to maintain oneself entertained all through the game’s quite a few battles.

There are a several tracks that actually stood out, with the major manager battle theme, in specific, exuding an exhilaration that will get you entirely all set to cleave up a menacing foe.

You have to strategically use moves and commence battles suitable if you want to continuously do well and increase upon your figures, which allows you unlock new assaults, skills, and stat boosts. You can even customize every playable get together member’s precise combos and decide which assaults will come as a outcome of which button presses and inputs. There are lots of matters to think about as you expand each individual character to your liking, which would make for a strong overcome experience.

The Divine Pressure does get a little bit repetitive, with a surprising amount of money of traveling back and forth amongst the same areas prior to unlocking quickly vacation. There’s neat character banter and some concealed products or treasures to hello there liven points up, but the maps start off to feel fairly empty – irrespective of their expansive size. This is easy to understand, as a Star Ocean title just won’t have the price range of a Last Fantasy or other mainstream large hitters, but the emptiness is still off-placing.

There is a weirdness to the visible model of The Divine Force. From the very first trailer, I assumed that it appears reminiscent of the stranger side of the Jim Henson style of puppets, like in The Dim Crystal. It can be a little bit unsettling at times, but only with certain figures. Some may well even be fond of the type for that same rationale, as there is very little mistaken with the visual excellent or depth by itself – it’s just the design that places me off.

The voice acting and songs in The Divine Power are of superior high-quality, as I felt none of the important voices appeared out of place or improperly directed. There are a few tracks that definitely stood out, with the most important manager struggle theme, in distinct, exuding an excitement that gets you entirely prepared to cleave up a menacing foe.

The Last Term
Star Ocean: The Divine Force may not established the earth on hearth, but it is nicely-produced and comprehensively pleasing. Every thing from operating all-around to combating is a blast, and however it appears to be a bit odd and can sense a minor repetitive at situations, the distinctive premise, snazzy soundtrack, and voice performing make The Divine Pressure worthy of any JRPG fan’s time.

MonsterVine Ranking: 4 out of 5 – Great

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