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Survey Says Sprigatito Most Popular Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starter

In a survey Famitsu conducted between November 9-11, 2022, almost 50% of readers said they would buy Pokemon Violet instead of Scarlet, as well as pick Sprigatito as their starter. Around 2,000 readers participated in this survey. Of the starters, Quaxley is the least popular, with less than 25% of readers wanting to choose it to begin their Paldean journey. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The full results of the survey are as follows:

Which version of Pokemon do you plan on purchasing?

  1. Pokemon Violet (42.74%)
  2. Pokemon Scarlet (27.60%)
  3. Both (24.69%)

Which Pokemon will you choose in the beginning?

  1. Sprigatito (40.68%)
  2. Fuecoco (35.43%)
  3. Quaxley (23.89%)

There are three main stories in this game. Which story do you plan on starting from?

  1. Haven’t decided (66.52%)
  2. Champion Road (23.77%)
  3. Path of Legends (5.84%)
  4. Starfell Street (3.88%)

Which legendary Pokemon do you want to ride on?

  1. Miraidon (66.25%)
  2. Coraidon (33.75%)

What’s the first thing you want to enjoy while picnicking?

  1. Making sandwiches (39.53%)
  2. Taking pictures with the Pokemon (34.46%)
  3. Washing Pokemon (14.85%)

Are you going to purchase a physical copy or a digital copy?

  1. Physical copy (66.40%)
  2. Digital copy (33.60%)

Most of the readers explained that they want to choose Sprigatito as a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter because it’s cute and a cat. As for the three main stories of the game, Champion Road is the classic gym challenge narrative. The Path of Legends teams you up with Arven to find the Herba Mystica and defeat Titan Pokemon. Lastly, Starfell Street will have you battle against Team Star, which is a delinquent group in your school.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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