The Battle of Badr – 313

The very first battle of Islam is named the Struggle of Badr. It took place in the month of Ramadan in 2 AH, with the Holy Prophet (observed) and the Believers on a single side and the Pagans of Makkah on the other. On the Muslim aspect the “military” consisted of 313 ill-outfitted, exhausted and hungry Believers. The accounts mention that there have been only 2 horses and 70 camels. As for weaponry, some experienced swords but no bows and arrows, other folks had spears but no swords and as for the protecting armour, it was almost non-existent. If they arrived perfectly-outfitted with nearly anything then it was the light-weight of imaan. The Mushrikeen of Makkah on the other hand consisted of an military 1000+ strong, armed to the teeth, well fed and nicely provided with the requirements of war. They arrived mounted on 100 horses and massive numbers of camels, puffed up with satisfaction and arrogance and self-assured of their confident victory.

The Battle of Badr was the most decisive battle in the heritage of Islam. It was the 1st fight where by truth of the matter and falsehood met in open fight. All worldly advantages and positive aspects lay in the camp of the Pagans, and the only genuine and organization weapon of the Believers was their unwavering belief in ALLAH Ta’ala and His Rasul (observed). To get a flavour of what the atmosphere was like glance at the du’a of the Prophet (saw):

“O Allah! Ought to this team (of Muslims) be defeated currently, You will no lengthier be worshipped.”

The Holy Prophet (observed) designed honest du’a to ALLAH and humbled Himself and wept when supplicating. Observing this problem of the Prophet, Sayyidina Abu Bakr came and mentioned:

“O Prophet of Allah! You have cried out more than enough to your Lord. He will surely satisfy what He has promised you.” (Bukhari, Nasaa’i)

And in truth, ALLAH Ta’ala fulfilled His Guarantee and assisted the Believers at Badr and gave them victory about falsehood. Infact the response of Rahmaan Ta’ala to the du’a of His Beloved (observed) was swift and quick.

“(Try to remember) when you sought assist of your Lord and He answered you stating, ‘I will assist you with a thousand Angels each and every guiding the other in succession.” (Suratul Anfaal)


The value of the Battle of Badr are not able to be overstated. It was a critical level in the heritage of Islam and a sign of items to appear. ALLAH Ta’ala preserved the honour, existence and wealth of the Believers and humiliated the enemies of truth. The contributors of Badr on the pagan facet have been shamed in the eyes of all with a lot of of their best management lying lifeless on the field of struggle. Conversely, amongst the galaxy of Sahaabah – the ones deemed most virtuous were the participants of Badr and it is reported, that amongst the angels much too, the types deemed most virtuous are people who descended in assistance at Badr.

Individuals 313 are the greatest from among us and the most beloved.