The Fight of Clontarf

The Fight of Clontarf took put outdoors the city of Dublin on Superior Friday, 1014. On a person aspect Brian Boru led the Irish in the resistance in opposition to the Vikings of Dublin who were being supported by Vikings from England, Scotland, the Isle of Man, France and Orkney Islands.

Born about 940, Brian Boru was an inhabitant of Co Clare, and belonged to the Royal home of Thomond. At this position in Ireland’s record, Viking invaders had dominated the island. From an early age Brian led his followers against the Vikings, who at that time dominated substantial coastal regions all around Ireland. He vanquished them in several battles and in the end succeeded in clearing the Vikings from Munster. Soon after his older brother, Mahon, was murdered in 976, Brian Boru grew to become King of Munster. In 1002 he turned King of Eire and his main intention from then on was to distinct the Vikings from the whole place.

Eventually in the Fight of Clontarf the Vikings of Ireland have been defeated. The Irish losses were believed to be 4,000 including their king and most of his sons, having said that of the 7,000 to 8,000 Vikings and allied forces, an approximated 6,000, including practically all the leaders, ended up killed.

At the end of the fight, the Viking forces withdrew to their ships. In the course of this retreat the Irish combatants ended up negligent leaving Brian’s tent unprotected and a group of fleeing Danes and their chief Brodir slayed him with an axe although he was kneeling in prayer.

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