TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Update Available Now

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Update Available Now

Dotemu and Tribute Game titles have launched a new update for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, bringing some fascinating new approaches to participate in the fantastic defeat ’em up!


The patch notes point out Dip Switches being included. In arcades, a Dip Swap makes it possible for you to regulate matters like the trouble degree, supplemental life, a lot quicker enemy projectiles, totally free perform, old-college Super Attacks, no additional taunts, and far more. There are 11 tweaks out there for you to use, with the possibility to blend and match them.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge has also included new CRT filters (usual or curved) and VCR.


The patch notes are listed here:


  • Fixed uncommon crash in Arcade mode when shifting issue.
  • Vehicles can no more time deal significant injury when the player is regarded Armored (for case in point: charging a Weighty Swing).
  • Mounted bosses often unable to reach a participant positioned at the extremely best or bottom of the stage.
  • Set bosses sometimes frozen after becoming strike by Raphael’s Super Flying Attack.
  • Set Score not saved for player when switching character soon after a continue.
  • Mounted April’s Super Flying Attack from time to time seemingly reviving KO’ed enemies.
  • Fastened reviving a KO participant close to the changeover point (for case in point: escalators in the Crystal Palace Mall) that would often prevent progression.
  • Mounted updating the timer for exclusive statuses (for case in point: Infinite Ninja Electricity) when KO or in a cutscene.

On line

  • Visitor players can now rejoin the exact hosted game.


  • Set enter not accurately assessed when deciding on among Backflip or Roundoff when turning all over.


  • Preset scarce tender lock happening in the Globe Map if the person concluded Stage 8 immediately after ending Stage 10.


  • Taunt now only fills up the initially Ninja Electric power bar.
  • We no more time crystal clear absolutely gathered Ninja Electric power bars when KO on Chill problems.
  • Executing a throw now grants the participant invulnerability.
  • Included more responses in the HUD when seeking to do a Tremendous Assault devoid of enough Ninja Electric power.
  • Many tiny animation tweaks ended up created to all bosses, normally to make assaults much easier to browse.
  • Fastened Dirtbag’s dig holes collision detection that was way too wide and deep.
  • Minimized the quantity of enemies spawned in Zorax’s stampede and the frequency of stampedes. Zorax also has a little bit much less wellbeing when dealing with several gamers.
  • Rat King now does Pied Piper fewer commonly.
  • Improved the Tremendous Shredder battle in quite a few little methods for a smoother pacing and tweaked some damage values. His get is now made use of extra commonly and is much more efficient, even though. Bummer dude!
  • Enhanced Statue of Tyranny pacing and tweaked some problems values.
  • Mom Mouser has a new chunk animation to differentiate the demand chunk from the idle bite, to give gamers time to react.
  • Mouser Model 3 and Mom Mouser are now performing a bit quicker.
  • Radical Method hurt multiplier is now utilized to all throws, Super Dive Attack, and billed Hefty Swing.
  • Set players often slipping outside of the display continuously when respawning, at certain areas.

On the internet

  • Extra a Refresh button to the lobby look for checklist.
  • We improved the way the Arcade rating is calculated: we now file each and every player independently, even if they go away the match.


  • Corrected or enhanced a handful of strings in Spanish, French and German.


  • The video game will remember if How To Perform was viewed prior to, separately in Story and Arcade modes as they differ.
  • Enhanced the prompt to reset your tale and character development.
  • Pause menu in Arcade manner now displays the complete playtime.


  • Steam Enter: improved support for PS5 controllerss

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