Top 10 Best Ice Heroes

Top 10 Best Ice Heroes

Ice heroes are some of the most useful units in Epic Seven due to their ability to produce results in Wyvern Hunts, as well as tackle big bosses in Adventure mode.

Some of the best PvP openers in the game are Ice heroes, but they also have some incredible counter-attackers if that suits your play-style a bit more.

Make no mistake, Ice units tend to be more generalised than other elements in Epic Seven. Rather than specialising in one specific gameplay aspect, they can often be used among many different types of content.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking to diversify your hero pool. Putting gear and resources into a unit can be disastrous if they turn out to be useless, so consulting this list of the best Ice heroes is a good idea!

10) Angelica

Class: Soul Weaver

How to get: Connections and 4* Covenant Summon

Recommended Build: Health

Featured in the best Soul Weavers and best Heroes for Wyvern lists, Angelica is a staple of any Epic Seven player’s collection.

Plenty of healing power, tankiness, and Immunity buffs make her a perfect choice for many early game PvP and PvE builds.

Towards the late game, Angelica is little more than a forgotten hero as you acquire better Soul Weavers.

However, until then, she will carry you past Episode 3 in Adventure, Wyvern Hunts, Abyss Floors, and Labyrinths.

9) Fairytale Tenebria

Class: Mage

How to get: 5* Limited Summon (wait for her banner)

Recommended Build: Speed | Effectiveness

Quite a niche unit but one that has a lot of uses in PvP and against Archdemon Mercedes in the Hall of Trials.

F. Tenebria spreads debuffs like wildfire, stripping buffs and forcing enemy units to attack your tankiest heroes.

Her ability to apply poison is a nice boon for taking on certain Abyss floors too.

Right now, F. Tenebria has fallen out of the PvP meta due to the abundance of faster openers. However, she is still a strong unit that could very well see updates in the future for her to regain herself as the Queen of debuff openers.

8) Cerise

Class: Ranger

How to get: 5* Limited Summon (wait for her banner)

Recommended Build: Speed | Effectiveness

Cerise is a strong opener for PvP builds, stripping enemy buffs, reducing speed, and applying the restrict debuff. Since her skill 3 ignores elemental advantages, it almost always lands!

Afterwards, her other abilities are good for stunning or triggering dual attacks.

The only problem with Cerise is her gear requirements. She needs a lot of speed, effectiveness, and offensive stats.

Due to how hard she is to build, I really wouldn’t recommend her for new players. However, she is great once you’ve reached end game and are able to produce quality sets more often, so pull her if you see her available.

7) Emilia

Class: Soul Weaver

How to get: 5* Limited Summon (wait for her banner)

Recommended Build: Speed | Health

Emilia is a brilliant CR pusher, granting a slower hero (usually your beefy DPS) a ton of combat readiness, as well as increased attack.

If you see a defense team containing Emilia with heroes like Bloodblade Karin or Arbiter Vildred, make sure to avoid attacking it!

Currently, World Arena (known as RTA; real-time arena) gives Soul Weavers an additional speed boost, making Emilia even more valuable in 2022.

Alongside her ability to make any slow DPS a raid boss, Emilia can dispel all debuffs from allies before healing and providing a shield, although this skill does have a big cooldown.

6) Peira

Class: Thief

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Recommended Build: Speed | Effectiveness

Boasting one of the highest base speeds of all heroes in the entire game, Peira is a powerful opener to debuff and support allies.

After forcing enemy units to become unable to be buffed and restricted for 2 turns, Peira gains an extra turn to boost all allies’ attack stats, as well as taking 30% of any damage dealt to allies.

She’s easy to build as she enjoys pretty much every stat out there, including effectiveness and effect resistance. As long as you’re hitting at like 260 speed, she’ll be a strong starting choice for any PvP battle.

5) Eda

Class: Mage

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Recommended Build: Speed | Effectiveness

Since her buff, Eda has seen significant play in the PvP scene thanks to her capable AoE debuffing power.

She is capable of stunning entire teams, decreasing their combat readiness, and applying defense breaks.

Eda is definitely more of a supportive PvP hero but she can also deal some nice damage.

Not much speed is required (about 220 maximum) as she gets a free combat readiness push every time an allied hero uses a non-attack skill.

4) Flan

Class: Ranger

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Recommended Build: Speed | Effectiveness

Used as an opener for cleave builds, Flan is an excellent hero for applying the defense break debuff to all enemy heroes.

She is mostly used in PvP but can have some usage in PvE scenarios that require a single powerful hero to do most of the damage.

Basically, a staple of cleave builds, you should check out the list of best AoE DPS heroes for a list of units she works best alongside.

3) Rem

Class: Warrior

How to get: 5* Limited Summon (wait for her banner)

Recommended Build: Counter | Immunity

Up there with the most frustrating units in the entire game, Rem is currently the best counter-attacking hero in Epic Seven.

When an ally is attacked, Rem has a chance to counter with a hard-hitting AoE attack, reducing buff durations and rendering them unhealable.

Her special buff “Demon Mode” is one of the best in the game, massively reducing the enemy’s ability to affect her with debuffs or special effects.

Rem is primarily a PvP hero and should be placed in your defense team alongside other powerful heroes that require your opponent to defeat before Rem.

2) Seaside Bellona

Class: Ranger

How to get: 5* Limited Summon (wait for her banner)

Recommended Build: Crit Chance | Crit Damage

Considered to be one of the best PvE heroes in the game, Seaside Bellona is excellent in Abyss, Labyrinth, Expeditions, and even Wyvern hunts.

In PvP, SSB is a powerful ranger who constantly hurls counter-attacks. Be careful when bringing her into Arena fights, as she can be hard-countered by anti-counter and anti-AoE units like Angel of Light Angelica and Lionheart Cermia.

Since she counter-attacks often regardless of which ally is attacked, SSB doesn’t need speed. Instead, try to get at least 4000 attack, 300% crit damage, 100% crit chance, and 70% effectiveness.

Any other stats can go into health or defense for extra survivability.

1) Ran

Class: Thief

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Recommended Build: Speed | Crit Chance

As of 2022, Ran is currently the strongest and most useful Ice unit in Epic Seven.

Exceptional in PvE while retaining some PvE usages, countless strategies rely on Ran’s insane base speed stat.

With a base speed of 129, Ran only needs a speed set with speed main stat boots to achieve 210 speed; more than enough to outspeed anything up to Master rank in Arena.

Ran is also great in the Fire expedition thanks to his non-attack skill leading into defense break.

As you start to climb ranks, Ran really needs at least 280 speed to reliably go first in PvP fights.

If you can get that, a simple Ran cleave build can easily carry you to Challenger and beyond!