Top 7 Game Awards 2022 Announcements | GameSpot News - GS News Updates

Top 7 Game Awards 2022 Announcements | GameSpot News – GS News Updates

For starters, Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty enlargement obtained a new trailer that disclosed actor Idris Elba will participate in Solomon Reed, an FIA agent for the NUSA. How amazing is that? The match went from being the butt of lots of jokes to acquiring a interesting anime and a surge in players to grabbing an additional important Hollywood actor to enjoy a character.

I’m impressed, but not as impressed as I was watching the gameplay premiere for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In the trailer we get to see an older, much more grizzled Cal Kestis and his heightened Jedi capabilities that include things like a new lightsaber stance wherever he wields two sabers at when for brief, hard-hitting offense. A new mobility option–a grappling hook, Cal using various animals, preventing together with a companion and holding a Kylo Ren like saber. We also obtained confirmation of Survivor’s March 17 release day, next a pair leak rumors previously this 7 days.

An additional activity with a confirmed release day is Last Fantasy 16. The video game received a model new trailer and the official date of June 22.

The trailer confirmed additional of the rapidly action gameplay we have noticed in earlier trailers, as effectively as a glimpse of Espers that gamers will come across in the course of the journey. The horseback-driving Esper seems to be Odin, when a new demonic Esper is observed attacking hero Clive Rosfield. Later on in the trailer, Rosfield summons an Esper of his very own in Ifrit and uses him in fight.