Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Will Receive More Free Updates

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors gained its initially significant DLC recently with Legacy of the Moonspell. It extra new characters, weapons and a large new phase for $1.99. Those who cannot afford such exorbitant selling prices needn’t worry, nevertheless. Developer poncle verified that free of charge updates and written content are however coming to the foundation match.

“DLCs will always be purely further written content in terms of Levels, Monsters, Weapons, Figures and so forth. Goods, Electricity-ups, video game mechanics and much more will proceed to be extra to the foundation video game, so if you never pick up the DLC you never have to panic missing out.” Updates like the latest Tiny Bridge, which included a new strange, will continue on to arrive.

They also unveiled that Legacy of the Moonspell will be coming to iOS and Android practically subsequent year as “we determine out how to make it readily available in a truthful way.” As for why the DLC is only $1.99, poncle claimed that the selling price felt appropriate, reflecting its generation value.

“The local community is, as usual, quite kind, and we get a lot of this type of feedback, some supposed just as a compliment, some serious. When I’m pretty grateful for the sentiment, just like for the major video game, the DLC has a selling price that ‘feels right’ to me and displays its creation value.

“For the past few months and the DLC, we experienced wonderful artists like Glauber Kotaki and Pitavant for the new graphics Daniele Zandara and his new bangers with dwell recordings that very little surprise in the DLC trailer and a complete corporation to sustain to be ready to start on all latest platforms. Still poncle nevertheless wants time (and essential persons!) to supply a larger production price.

“”For the DLC I nevertheless had to fill some gaps by employing asset packs for case in point, so a reduced selling price, and regular special discounts, simply seem to be reasonable.” That staying said, when the developer has one thing “even improved to offer you,” you can hope them to demand additional.

Vampire Survivors is offered for Xbox 1, Xbox Series X/S, Computer, iOS, and Android. It’s also playable on Activity Go. Remain tuned for additional specifics on potential updates and paid material in the coming months.