Why Eren Kruger Didn't Save Dina Fritz and Instead Gave Attack Titan to Grisha Jeager

Why Eren Kruger Didn’t Save Dina Fritz and Instead Gave Attack Titan to Grisha Jeager

Ever puzzled why Eren Kruger didn’t preserve Dina Fritz on the wall of Paradis? If yes, then let us discover out. 

Warning: Manga Spoilers Ahead

At first, Attack on Titan was nothing but a very simple display wherever a kid wishes to avenge the dying of his mom. But immediately after a handful of episodes and various plot twists, AOT crossed all heights of expectations.

From Eren inheriting the Assault & Founding Titan to Historia(Charista) ruling the “Paradis Island”. All the things that transpired since the inception of this demonstrate abruptly commences generating perception at some position.

But then in time 3, episode 20, we noticed something awful. The Marlean forces turned each and every “Restorationalists” into pure titans which include “Dina Fritz” a royal blood heir. At to start with, this seems very normal as Marleans didn’t know about her accurate id.

But immediately after knowing that Eren Kruger(The Owl) is the one particular who masqueraded himself as a Marlean and was spying for Grisha’s group. It was tough to digest that Eren Kruger allow Gross(Marlean Officer) convert Dina into a titan. 

Just after all, Dina is the royal blood heir who can unleash the accurate powers of the Founding Titan. That’s why, a lot of fans have been baffled(which includes myself) and started looking for a considerable explanation. Soon after wanting for things for a handful of several hours, right here is my hypothesis that why Eren Kruger didn’t conserve Dina Fritz and in its place ended up saving our medical doctor, Grisha Jeager. 

So devoid of any delays, let us dive into the motives “Why Eren Kruger Didn’t Save Dina Fritz in Assault on Titan”.

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Attack Titan’s Disastrous Electrical power

As we all know Titan Shifters can see the memories of its past inheritors. Just like Armin who unintentionally will get closer to Annie just after inheriting the Colossal Titan. The similar goes for each Titan but Eren’s Assault Titan is a little bit unique from other individuals.

Attack Titan can see its future inheritors’ reminiscences as nicely. We can see the pretty 1st glance of this power when Eren Kruger instructed Grisha to help save Armin & Mikasa in the identical episode.

At 1st, I was astonished as effectively as stunned that how an individual could know their names when these two weren’t even born but. And telling Grisha that conserving them is his foremost priority immediately after securing a household & baby is yet another sign that Assault on Titan hasn’t pulled off its all cards still. From there on, fans began speculating on the “Time Travel” idea. 

The Electrical power to See Upcoming

In later episodes, it is exposed that Attack Titan can see its long term inheritors’ reminiscences. Also, the foreseeable future inheritor can only demonstrate recollections that he/she particularly wanted to manipulate past inheritors.

Which is why Eren Kruger didn’t particularly know about Mikasa & Armin but was pressured to instruct Grisha to help you save them at any charge. As Eren liked both equally of them and not to point out that these had been the two who gave Eren a reason to go ahead.

Now back again to our position, Why Eren Kruger didn’t help save Dina Fritz back on the wall? So if you’ve browse the complete posting without just leaping through paragraphs then you need to have figured out that Eren Jeager did not enable Kruger help you save Dina at that time. 

Rationale Why Eren Kruger Did not Preserve Dina Alternatively of Grisha Jeager

Let us consider this way, if Dina was the one who will get the Attack Titan, then Eren would’ve hardly ever acquired a prospect to be born in the to start with area. Dina could observe Kruger’s plan but no one appreciates what takes place the moment she will get the Attack Titan.

So to make absolutely sure everything goes as for every Eren J.’s prepare he manufactured absolutely sure to permit Dina flip into a Titan as she’s the a single who ate Eren’s mother in the extremely initially episode. 

The very first episode by itself was a blow to every person as this is the instant when Eren’s lifetime was transformed wholly. So to swiftly make his approach a results, Eren Jeager manipulated Kruger to enable Grisha reside with his Attack Titan. Because this is the only way Eren could be born & would get the Attack Titan with out any dilemma at all.


In summary, because the inception, Eren Kruger was manipulated by the Eren Jeager by his foreseeable future memories. Eren Jeager persuaded Kruger through his upcoming recollections that saving Grisha Jeager and telling him to elevate a household is the only way to end this torment on Eldians. Additionally, Dina Fritz’s survival could have finished Eren Jeager’s ideas as perfectly as his daily life.

Thus he permit Grisha stay & Dina die to make positive that she’ll at some point eat Grisha’s second spouse which will trigger all the activities that we observed in Attack on Titan.

Let’s know your admirer theories in situation we’ve missed any significant details in this post.

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