Witcher 3 next gen to reimburse and credit modders

Witcher 3 next gen to reimburse and credit modders

With The Witcher 3 next gen release date right around the corner we’re all eagerly anticipating jumping back into one of CD Projekt Red’s best RPG games, which will include improved performance and mod integration across PC and console. Exactly which mods we’ll have and how they’ll be added into the game remains to be seen, but CD Projekt Red has come out in the meantime to explain how these mods will work, and the steps it has taken for the modders themselves.

The Witcher 3 next gen remake releases on December 14, 2022, and is set to include some of the best Witcher 3 mods of all time (we hope). To get us prepared, CD Projekt Red technical support manager Karolina ‘Vinthir’ Niewęgłowska has taken to the studio’s official forums to outline how mods will work, while also explaining how the developer is supporting the modders it’s pulling from for the Witcher 3 next gen update.

“We are including several popular mods in the update (they’ll be available depending on the
platform). We obtained permissions from their creators, reimbursed them, and they’ll be featured in the credits of the updated game,” says Niewęgłowska.

“The mods were reworked and assets optimised as needed, and the game adjusted to run with them. There was even a case when a dev got so engrossed in tinkering when including a mod that he ended up simply remaking that particular aspect of the game. So, in a way, the game comes with some mods already included.”

Niewęgłowska also notes how the Witcher 3 next gen update has changed some specific files, which means mods that use those original files will stop working. That said, CD Projekt Red has provided a list on the forum post of the mods that currently work with the next gen update, with post-release mod support coming in “when possible.”. Hopefully this incredible Witcher 3 combat overhaul mod makes the cut.

With the games industry often struggling to even amass some basic credits, seeing CD Projekt Red promise reimbursement for fan-made mods and proper crediting after it decides to use them in a full release is refreshing. All the details of how the modders have been reimbursed aren’t known, so I hope they feel properly satisfied with what they’ve been offered. Either way, seeing modders get this treatment in one of the biggest fantasy games of all time is amazing.

If you want to see which mods will work with The Witcher 3’s next gen update, check out the Witcher 3 mod breakdown on the official CD Projekt Red forums.

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