WoW players are going wild over the best feature the game has seen in years

WoW players are going wild over the best feature the game has seen in years

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is out and thousands of players are jumping in and having a blast. However, one feature stands out above the new narrative, profession overhaul or even the shiny new collectables. Dragonriding has taken the crown as probably the best new feature the game has seen in years.

For those not in the know, Dragonriding mounts are a new addition that lets you soar through the sky in a far more exciting way than was previously possible. Dedicated movement abilities and a thrilling momentum system takes what was previously just a method of transportation in WoW, and transforms it to an invigorating experience in and of itself.

Watch the launch cinematic here, if you haven’t already!

“Blizzard, PLEASE allow dragonriding in older zones. It’s the best feature this game has seen in over a decade,” is the title of one of the most popular posts on the World of Warcraft subreddit right now. It’s a hub for praise and anecdotes that highlight the merits of the new Dragonriding mounts, which in the minds of some seem to have improved numerous aspects of the typical questing experience.

“Questing and exploring has definitely been fun so far,” writes user Summoberz, an opinion echoed by many players deep in the game right now. World of Warcraft has a legacy of zones being designed around the movement options available to players. Typically they’re initially created with ground travel in mind, which means experimenting with height or sweeping vistas and explorable structures are built with a flightless player in mind.

This works initially, however as flying is inevitably added, the zones lose their intended flow and become bog standard regions that blend into each other. With Dragonflight, the zones are absolutely massive, with looming towers, and valleys designed for flying through. They invigorate the experience when simply travelling from one area to another. No longer is flying dead time.

What this means is that WoW right now is something it’s never been before: it’s freeing. Not only that, but it makes the previous experience of flying around on regular mounts feel awful in comparison. “If the next expansion launches and they expect us to go back to normal flying like Dragonflight never happened I’m gonna be so pissed,” writes one user. Indeed, flying around in game right now, it’s hard to imagine ever going back.

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