We need you in Kickstarter news - Soul Passage

We need you in Kickstarter news – Soul Passage

After 1,5 a long time of growth, we are shut to our Kickstarter campaign.

Following 1,5 many years of development, we are near to our Kickstarter campaign.
We last but not least designed a several samples space from 4 distinctive planets in our tale. And effectively record our gameplay trailer, soon we will launch the trailer and exhibit what is Soul Passage and what our Metroidvania looks like in actual time. As you comply with our progress so considerably, we find out and did heaps of issues but there are continue to not as remaining as you can consider. Immediately after Kickstarter, we sit back and recheck every little thing we did and enhance with each other creating new attributes and wonderful artwork. Other than our development, we did substantial steps for our entire world and determine to make Soul Passage Forest to enable our natural environment and our upcoming. With each and every +30$ package, we will donate +1 saplings to arrive at 10000 saplings to make Soul Passage Forest with your enable. Most of our Kickstarter expenses will go to Growth, Internet marketing, boarding, etc, but as the most important Artist I make a choice for myself, most of the spending plan we have for arts will transfer to Soul Passage Forest. Ideal now everything for Soul Passage appears to be really probable and I by now get started to get the job done on the story of the sequel. I hope you like what we did so far and follow us on Twitter and Kickstarter to assist us increase.

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